Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vietnam Combat Veteran's Testimonial For Ron Paul

Semper Fi

I am an Honorably discharged United States Marine who volunteered and served with "C" Battery, 2nd L.A.A.M. Battalion, on the ground in I-Corps, Republic of Vietnam, 1966 and 1967.

That Was Then - Chu Lai

My awakening began then and there. Forty years afterward, I now agree with the "Poet Laureate" of the Vietnam Veterans of America, the deceased Steve Mason, who predicted my awakening:
"Old soldiers with bad gums find out too late whom they really served."
That epitaph symbolizes my experience completely, and contains the essence of my logic in supporting Representative Ron Paul for President in 2008. I now realize that my loyalty to America does not require a blind loyalty to any sitting President, to his Cabinet, or to his Administration's foreign policy. I now realize that unseen powers operating behind the scenes are known to create the wars which soldiers are asked to fight - for sometimes immoral and illegal purposes. As an ex-Marine I have come to see the truth in four-star Major General Smedley D. Butler's famous book, "War Is A Racket.

This is now - Hardwood Expedition, Montana, 2007

As I witness today's abusive use of the U.S. military in pre-emptive warfare around the world, I am reminded of a passage from a speech made before the Virginia Convention on June 5, 1788, by Patrick Henry, who stated:
"We drew the spirit of liberty from our British ancestors; by that spirit we have triumphed over every difficulty. But now, sir, the American spirit, assisted by the ropes and chains of consolidation, is about to convert this country into a powerful and mighty empire. If you make the citizens of this country agree to become the subjects of one great consolidated empire of America, your government will not have sufficient energy to keep them together. "
It is my view today, forty years after my time in war, that Congressman Ron Paul is the only genuine statesman campaigning for the Presidency in 2008; is the only moral political agent remaining in Washington, D.C.; and is the only candidate who has a proven record of voting for personal liberty, constitutional principles, and the proper defense of our beloved American way of life by stating clearly the difference between "offense" and "defense."

I close this note by quoting Lt. Colonel Robert Bowman:
"The best way for government to support America's war veterans is to quit adding to our number."
Elias Alias, January 16, 2008, Montana, USA

Note: "Elias Alias" is this combat veterans pen name, which he uses in all of his writings, and we have honored his request to use it here as well. He is personally known to us and is a man of honor whom we would trust to watch our backs, so that is good enough for us. Semper Fi Elias!

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John said...

I was with Charlie Battery from 66-68 and I don't recall you at all.