Thursday, January 10, 2008

All Current Militar, Veterans, and Police Who Support Ron Paul Are Welcome to Submit Testimonials, Photos, and Video

This site is dedicated to currently serving military, veterans, and military who support Congressman Ron Paul in his presidential candidacy as well as supporting the mutual cause of liberty to which we are all still sworn.

You are our fellow oath takers and oath keepers, and we welcome your written testimonials, your photos, and your videos.

Please email them to

There are other sites containing testimonials of veterans, including the official campaign site, but this blog is meant to compliment those other efforts by providing a place for photos and even video to accompany testimonials.

We also want to extend an invitation to police, who have also sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution. In fact, we even welcome submissions from others who have taken such an oath, such as lawyers, judges, and even politicians (though the number of the later who keep their oaths is disturbingly few).

If you swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and if you still take that oath seriously, and you support Congressman Ron Paul, and the Ron Paul Revolution that embodies a new awakening and devotion to liberty and the Constitution, then you are our brother (or sister) in the struggle for liberty, and you are welcome here.

When you submit a testimonial, you may give your full name, initials, or if you prefer privacy, you can be anonymous (though we prefer names to go with the statements).

Please provide your years served; combat if any and rank, unit or anything else you feel should be included (medals, awards etc.).

Photos can be in uniform (preferred), civilian dress, or whatever you feel is best.

Feel free to send a few different shots but at least one clear photo of just head and shoulders.

We welcome the participation of any and all veterans but especially combat vets from any conflict such as from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I, on up to today.

Welcome, from the crew of veterans here at Oathkeepers for Ron Paul

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